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(There are some samples from these books in the "blog" sections, i.e. they are not real blogs).


"SMILEY-MAN CHRONICLES" by Jeff Harris, is the collected wisdom of Tahni Jones (inspirational leader of the band), Eddy Boros  (sculptor of infamous toy tower at 5th and B in the old East Village, NYC, Kevin Donnelly of Baltimore, and the Lefty Band in general.  This is available as an ebook free here:   http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/smiley-man-chronicles/id423609371?mt=11      It is also available as a print on demand through iuniverse.com.  Is also available as a kindle book, and on Sony.
"CHURCH OF THE RED ARROW" by Michael Houlihan is a book of poetry, free-form prose, and a valuable list of over three hundred questions which are largely unanswerable by their very nature.  It is available as a kindle ebook for $1.99 here:  http://www.amazon.com/Church-Red-Arrow-ebook/dp/B004OEK6TS       It is also available as a print on demand through iuniverse, and as a sony ebook. 


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